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Blog , Cooling Tower Apr / 14 / 2021
Written by Jignesh Shah
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The field-erected cooling tower is the most environmentally friendly and cost-effective among the various cooling towers. It features a perfect blend of convenience, style, and functionality, making them successful in industrial constructions and residential buildings.

Industrial machines and processes generate a tremendous amount of heat. And to ensure effective and non-stop operation, the excessive amount of heat must be reduced and continuously released into the enclosing biosphere with the help of a cooling tower.

There are many types of cooling towers available today. Though each of these types has its distinct features and designs, they all have a similar essential function: dissipating heat from the industrial operations or building system to the surrounding biosphere through evaporation.

Today, we will discuss the field-erected cooling tower and why it is a better choice for industrial and residential use.

What Is a Field-Erected Cooling Tower?
An evaporative cooling tower, also usually referred to as swamp coolers, is one of the principal types of cooling towers. Since it is comparatively new on the market, not many people have known it yet. The evaporative cooling tower is the most environment-friendly and cost-effective among the different types of cooling towers. It highlights a perfect combination of convenience, style, and functionality, making them popular in industrial and residential buildings.

The evaporative coolers are obtainable in many styles and applications. Though the evaporative cooling tower looks similar to a conventional standard tower fan, it offers more functionality like ionic filtering, oscillation, and sleep timer. They also function in the same way as the other cooling towers, but they look chicer and more compact than the others. You can even install them anywhere in a way that is not noticeable. Towertech supplies such effective field-erected cooling towers that enables the company to uniquely secure its position as the best cooling tower manufacturer in India.

Why Should You Elect To Use Evaporative Cooling Towers?
There are many motives why you should consider using an evaporative cooling tower. Some of these reasons are as follows:

It Is Highly Cost-Effective:
The method of an evaporative cooling system is quite simple. It does not rely on contracting and cooling refrigerants as a typical air conditioning system does. Instead, it uses the simple process of evaporation. The cost of performing an evaporative cooling system is merely a quarter of a refrigerated air conditioning system.

It Needs Less Maintenance:
The evaporative cooling tower needs minimal maintenance. Essentially, maintenance only includes cleaning the cooling pad. The tower only has to be cleaned once every one or two years.

The only parts that need repair whenever they are worn out are the water pump and the fan for repairs and replacements. Both of these parts can be purchased in minimal amounts. And they are also effortless to install. You don’t even have to pay for costly HVAC contractor services for cooling tower parts improvement or replacement and system maintenance.

It Is More Energy-Efficient Than Different Cooling Systems
The evaporative cooling tower does not utilize as much electricity as other air conditioning systems do. It has a relatively current draw, making them more energy-efficient and cheaper to run. It does not also employ any fan motor, which typically consumes much energy.

It Is Easy To Operate.
The evaporative cooling towers are intended to provide ease of use. It has simple, straightforward directions with no complicated settings, making it easy to use. It also doesn’t utilize any compressor, which often causes power spikes when you turn it on.

It Is More Environmentally Friendly.
The evaporative cooling tower does not need any special, expensive, and toxic refrigerants like ammonia. Instead, it uses clean water for its fluid. This makes it safer for you and the environment. It not only cleans the air by providing enough moisture but also helps eliminate the air’s contaminants, which depletes the ozone layer.

It Emits Less Noise
The evaporative cooling tower gives quiet operation. It only works at merely 50 dBA or below.

It Comes With Unique & Convenient Features.
Like different swamp cooling towers, the evaporative cooling tower also comes with beneficial features such as an air ionizer, three speeds, oscillation, and a sleep timer.

More Accessible and More Affordable Installation
Evaporative cooling tower establishment is relatively more accessible and less costly than the central refrigerated air conditioning. It does not include complicated processes like placing drains or hoses. You have to plug it in, add the needed amount of water to the reservoir, and you are good to go. Establishment cost is also generally just half the price or less than that of the refrigerated air conditioning.

It Is Highly Effective.
The evaporative cooling towers efficiently cool the water and keep the building or industrial machinery free from exceedingly hot water. It also offers enough humidification for suburban buildings, especially in dry atmospheres, thus avoiding dryness while providing a healthier, safer, and more comfortable indoor environment.

The Deftness Behind the Evaporative Cooling Tower
The evaporative cooling system relies on the same procedure as the natural process of evaporation. It works the same way that our body uses to stay calm. Like for instance, when we are perspiring, the water or our sweat will be converted from the liquid phase to a gaseous state through evaporation. Through the process, our body’s excess heat content will be pulled out as well, thus keeping us cool.

Another great example is when you get out of the pool, and you are under the sun’s heat. After some minutes, you will see that you slowly get dried up. When the heat is used to a liquid, the liquid will change into a gaseous form.

A clean evaporative cooling tower indicates an evaporative tower that is always effective, offering maximum performance with minimum consumption, both in terms of light and dissolved and purged water.

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