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Blog Sep / 25 / 2021

Energy Management And Temperature Control In Cooling Tower

Cooling tower plays a very crucial part in several chemical plants. The primary role of a cooling tower is to remove heat from the atmosphere. When it comes to a new energy management system in heating, ventilation, air, and conditioning, one has to look deeper to save enough energy. In India, there’s a massive consumption […]

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Blog Aug / 26 / 2021

What Should You Expect From India’s Best Industrial Cooling Tower Manufacturers?

A mechanical process in which air and water are brought into direct contact with the use of a specialized heat exchanger is a cooling tower system. The primary purpose of a cooling tower is to reduce the temperature resulting in a loss of overall heat generated via industrial processes and distribute cold air. The entire […]

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Blog Apr / 14 / 2021

Evaporative Cooling Tower a Perfect Combination of Convenience, Style, and Functionality

The field-erected cooling tower is the most environmentally friendly and cost-effective among the various cooling towers. It features a perfect blend of convenience, style, and functionality, making them successful in industrial constructions and residential buildings. Industrial machines and processes generate a tremendous amount of heat. And to ensure effective and non-stop operation, the excessive amount […]

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Blog Mar / 12 / 2021

Field-Erected Cooling Towers Market The Latest Trends!

Cooling towers are mostly used in the industrial sector for preserving the circulation of water at needed temperatures by exhausting the water heat to the atmosphere. The dissolution can be carried out using air, or evaporation of water can also be used. The oil refineries, thermal stations, HVAC systems, nuclear power plants, and chemical plants […]

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Cooling Tower Apr / 21 / 2020

Commonly Asked Questions About Industrial Cooling Towers

The cooling tower is primarily used to maintain a healthy heat level within a facility. It is a heat rejection device that utilizes the power of water to eliminate excess heat from the facility, thus helping maintain a favorable temperature level. Through this specifically engineered technology, the unwanted heat from the facility is transferred into […]

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Cooling Tower Feb / 18 / 2019

A complete guide to know about cooling towers

If you believe that cooling towers which are cylindrical and broad at the base are established only in nuclear plants, then it is not entirely true. Along with nuclear plants, it is used in many industries. Just like the name indicates, cooling tower work to keep the system cool. Overheating can put the entire functions of […]

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Blog Aug / 10 / 2018

A Comprehensive Guide to Cooling Tower Water Treatment Systems

A pioneer part of certain industries, a cooling tower helps to ease out things to an extent. All the waste heat in any industrial settings gets vanished away in the atmosphere by cooling it down with the help of a cooling tower. Another essential thing that can’t be left for later involves the treatment of […]

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