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Blog , Cooling Tower Feb / 19 / 2021
Written by Jignesh Shah
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Even though cooling towers are normally some of the most effective cooling mechanisms when compared to other cooling technologies, it is still important to keep an eye on their efficiency. To make it run as seamlessly as possible. Overall, it will make sure you can: save energy, decrease the amount of water being consumed, extend the equipment services life, and much more.

Evaporative cooling towers use water for withdrawing excess heat in a number of buildings and facilities. Whether these cooling towers are used for an industrial facility or simple air conditioning in a hotel, a water filtration system can make a huge difference in their application of cooling towers.


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While it’s easy to overlook obstructive measures and maintenance systems, a filtration system is your cooling tower’s first line of defense against many issues. Without filtration, the substantial buildups, airborne dirt, and pollen have the potential to foul and possibly halt the internal operation of any cooling tower water treatment. This type of fouling enhances the chance of bacteria-growth in cooling towers.

A water filtration system erases suspended and settled solids, which can allow you to improve efficiency and prevent health risks posed by waterborne bacteria. The use of a filtration system helps in trouble-free operation and savings in maintenance costs. However, many cooling operators are still not using a filtration system as a part of their regular water treatment program.

Filtered water no doubt will be cleaner yet how this can uphold in running your cooling system more skillfully? Answering it!

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Below, you can find the leading reasons why filtering cooling tower water treatment makes sense:

1. Less Blockage & Downtime

With a proper type of filtration method, biological growth and suspended solids will be separated from the cooling tower water. It will also lessen solid deposits in the cooling tower, to decrease blockages in heat exchangers, tubers, and other critical process equipment.

However, this, in turn, can enhance the operational efficiency of your cooling system with less unscheduled downtime.

2. Save water & Chemicals

Minerals in unfiltered water may rise below your cooling towers. This lost water then has to be furnished, which can amount to thousands of gallons. By filtering out those particles, an important filtration can foster you to lessen the blowdown and boost water savings. Thus, by securing scaling and biofouling, it can also further eliminate the dependence on water treatment chemicals, which are needed to clean your cooling system.

3. Extend equipment life

Solid buildups of dirt particles, precipitates, and biological deposits in cooling water may need high cycles of cleaning and maintenance. Along with scaling and fouling, this will end up vandalizing your cooling tower equipment. So it is for the best if you filter suspended solids and microorganisms from your cooling tower water. Such a method is a simple preventive step to extend the life of your equipment.

4. Decreased maintenance and energy costs

When you invest in the right water filtration system, you can gain significant savings in energy and maintenance costs. Plus, it boosts lesser buildup in cooling towers which means little time for cleaning. Pure water in cooling towers with fewer deposits requires reduced reactive maintenance all in all. Besides, a well-maintained cooling tower will pursue to function at the original prime efficiency, thus decreasing energy costs.

5. Improve operating efficiency

A cooling tower jammed with fouled water can not work adeptly. All that buildup coats heat transfer surfaces and clog tubes, driving the cooling system to consume more energy. As a result, using an effective filtration system not only minimizes those deposits but also expands the virtue of the corrosion inhibitor that is consumed.


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In a nutshell,

A water filtration system is one of the most essentials parts of cooling towers. So, whether you have an industrial cooling tower or natural cooling towers, they can greatly be benefited from the operation of a cooling tower. Proper filtration is fairly crucial for water savings in cooling towers.

Being aware of the potential cooling tower water treatment problems and learning how to solve them is very important for the success of your process.

Thus, it is essential to keep in mind water filtration in your plans to keep your cooling towers working more efficiently. However, if you are looking for a cooling tower manufacturer, you can find both small cooling towers and large cooling towers to opt from at Tower Tech.

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