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Blog , Construction , Cooling Tower Aug / 18 / 2021
Written by Jignesh Shah
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The efficiency of cooling tower assumes a serious part in the general effectiveness of businesses that involve mechanical cooling systems in place. The cooling tower is a basic segment of the cooling systems installed, and therefore keeping up with and further expanding its productivity is considered useful, if not essential.

Cooling towers comprise various parts with different capacities whose legitimate exhibition relates to the general presentation of the cooling process. The cooling tower’s effectiveness relies upon the climatic conditions, especially the general moistness of the surrounding air and its wet-bulb temperature.

Cooling tower manufacturers design the towers with few dominant elements, which are considered more than the structure itself. These variables incorporate the wet-bulb temperature, cooling range, cooling tower approach, way to deal with the wet-bulb temperature, water dissemination rate, and airspeed through the cooling tower’s air passageway. These elements assume a significant part in the effectiveness of the cooling tower.

Natural draft cooling towers are by and large the absolute, most savvy cooling instruments when contrasted with other cooling technologies operating so far, (for example, dry air cooling equipment).

Tips To Maintain Cooling Towers

A properly constructed and installed cooling tower will guarantee the following:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Decrease the measure of water being burned-through
  • Diminish the measure of synthetic substances needed for water treatment
  • Expand the administrative life
  • Decrease working expenses

However, how might you ensure your cooling tower is being kept up within the most proficient manner conceivable? This article sheds light o the intricate response to this inquiry.

Establish That The Cooling Tower Technology Is Suitable

The initial move towards an effective and efficient cooling tower maintenance is to contemplate if it’s appropriate for the proposed use, before putting resources for its purchase.

Induced draft cooling towers are utilized for numerous processes, either as the end equipment or a part of the total cooling system in place.

The cooling tower is utilized for the dismissal of heat produced in production units, for example, steel and paper factories, and petrochemical refining. Moreover, in power age applications, the cooling tower traps and expels abundant heat from power plants. In HVAC applications, the cooling tower gives the much-needed cold air within huge structures, and cannot be replaced by small electronic coolers.

The amount of cooling received matters to a great extent.

Condenser coils and fans are suitable for small areas that generate less heat. On the contrary, paper mills, and power plants need large structures to do the work, more so because air cooling equipment and energy consumption are expensive. The operating and resultant cost of cooling towers is fairly cheap, with better cooling delivery.

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Have Knowledge About The Type Of Cooling Tower You Have

The initial phase in ensuring your cooling tower is running productively is getting to understand the kind of cooling tower you have and how it functions. Here are some of the common ones.

  • Once-Through Cooling Tower

Once-through cooling towers draw water from a source like a stream or a lake and circulate the water through the innate pipelines to assimilate heat from steam condensers. The warmed water is then released into the environment. It is by and large the simplest and most financially savvy cooling tower choice to set up and use.

  • Open Recycling Cooling Tower

In an open recycling cooling tower, the circulating water is re-used again and again to eliminate heat with dissipation. Reusing the water decreases the measure of water expected to run within the cooling tower, notwithstanding compound expenses for water treatment, thereby increasing the likelihood of corrosion. In addition, the heat may also cause bacteria to grow and contaminate the surrounding air.

  • Closed Circuit cooling towers

The closed-circuit cooling towers work similar to the recycling system, aside from the fact that the heat expelled is moved to a warmth exchanger with no piece of the interaction being presented to the environment.

Keep Tab on the cooling tab indicators

Cooling Tower Range

Another pointer to determine the efficiency induced draft cooling towers is the cooling tower range, which is determined by deducting the tower’s outlet water temperature from the heated water temperature at the gulf of the cooling tower.

  • Therefore, cooling tower range = Hot Water Temperature – Cold Water Temperature

Tower Efficiency

The values of the cooling tower approach (cold water temperature – wet bulb temperature) and cooling tower range are can undoubtedly give us the value of cooling tower efficiency.

  • Thermal Efficiency = Range/(Range + Approach) x 100

As can be seen from the above condition, the effectiveness of the cooling tower is negatively related to the wet-bulb temperature. Since the wet-bulb temperature raises with increasing heat, a warm climate can decrease the efficiency of the tower and vice versa.

Cooling tower manufacturers explain the importance of all the above factors during installation. Keep a note of the significant areas to look after.

Investigating and Performing Regular Maintenance

Cooling towers don’t need continuous upkeep. Intermittent attention alone can extend its life. The main part of maintaining cooling tower support is keeping up with water quality. Likewise, keeping mechanical parts greased up and examining the tower to guarantee proper functioning are other areas to look for.

Compelling water treatment helps keep the natural draft cooling tower fill clean mosses and bacteria’s to grow on the pipeline. Each cooling tower has an alternate water supply and, consequently, unique water treatment prerequisites.

Whether or not filtration, UV light, disinfecting, or another water treatment strategy is in force, it is significant that cooling tower users know about their water quality and picks treatment alternatives to continue proper use.

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