Tower Tech Cooling System

Written by Jignesh Shah
Cooling tower

Cooling towers are a great invention for a calmer and cleaner atmosphere. In simple words, cooling towers are the heat rejecting devices that are essential for huge heat blowers. The structure incorporates many small and big cooling tower parts for a better outcome. The parts of a cooling tower can easily cool down the temperature of boiling water to normal in no time.

Cooling tower


Cooling down the circulating boiling water is an essential part of thermal power stations and even the HVAC in buildings. A cooling tower varies in sizes, from big power stations to small building rooftops, as per the requirements. These towers are used in coal-powered thermal stations or chemical industries.

Let’s find out some of the components that a cooling tower integrates.

  • Fan Motor

The fan motor is the essential element in a cooling tower. This motor varies in sizes and strength as per their requirements in the industries. There can be some fan motors in a single cooling tower also, to perform different processes efficiently. The oil refineries and huge thermal power stations have outsized fan motors with great potential. These fans have to work 24/7, which is why the motor needs to be explosion-free as well, as the tower produces a lot of heat and a fan motor cools it down.

  • Water Pumps

There is a need for suction pumps to supply water inside the towers for reducing the temperature. The suction pumps provide gallons of water from the water basin to towers in seconds to tumble the temperature of boiling water and heat. A water pump can be higher and deeper than 20 feet or more. The water pumps consume almost 5 to 10% of the electricity produced, but these are vital to run the machine as well. The cooling tower manufacturers make the suction and conveying water pumps sturdy, to avoid any hazards.

cooling tower manufacturers


  • Water Supply Basin

You might have noticed that all the thermal power plants and chemical industries are build up at the shore of rivers and canals. This is done to reduce the risk of fire damage and other high-temperature hazards. A lot of water is required to cool down the towers that produce intense heat while functioning. There is a basin in every thermal station or industry from where the suction pump sucks water and supplies into the drafts. These basins have a huge capacity for holding and circulating the water inside it, for better suction.

  • The Draft Towers

These are known as the functioning towers, or the basic component of the cooling tower. The cooling tower can be gigantic and petite, as per their requirements. The cooling tower suppliers design these towers as per the need of patrons. Besides, the draft towers spray and pressurize water when required to reduce the temperature inside the shafts. Large suction pumps drop water when necessary to cool down the heat inside. Millions of drops from the draft towers work as a spray, diminishing the warmth of the cooling tower.

cooling tower water treatment


Summing Up

These were some of the basic components of cooling tower water treatment. One can gain knowledge about cooling tower water treatment online as well. The manufacturers deliver preeminent quality equipment that is required inside a giant or small cooling tower. So, knowing the accurate requirements of your business in what will help to reach the right cooling water treatment.

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