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Blog Aug / 09 / 2022

A Simple, But Useful Guide to Induced Draft Cooling Towers

Induced Draft Cooling Tower is a technology that uses air conditioning to cool down water used in industrial processes. It is an energy-saving technology that reduces the cooling that the water requires to run the cooling tower, saving energy and money. Induced Draft Cooling Tower uses a fan to force cool air into the water […]

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Blog Dec / 12 / 2021

What Sets Cooling Tower Apart From Chiller

Cooling towers are used to remove the heat from condenser discharge water. The released water is returned to the plant or disposed of to cool the system. However, chillers use coolant to absorb heat, which they then transmit to the air in the vicinity. Cooling towers and chillers serve a similar purpose, but the kinds […]

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Blog Jun / 21 / 2021

What is Induced Draft Cooling Tower and How does it Function?

As you may remember, a cooling tower is a heat rejection equipment that discards waste heat to the surroundings through the cooling of a water creek to a more moderate temperature. Most cooling towers utilize an electrical fan engine to create an air draft or airflow through the cooling tower. What is meant by Induced […]

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Blog Feb / 16 / 2021

Manage The Biofilms Before They Take Control Of Your Cooling Tower System

Setting up cooling towers comes with its own set of challenges, biofilms are one of those challenges. Biofilms are usually found building in areas that are not accessible to biocide treatments. Once formed, they can rapidly grow to form biofouling deposits which end up causing corrosion damage, blockages, reduced heat transfer and increase the growth […]

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Blog Mar / 12 / 2019

Cooling Towers: Applications, Functionality, and Maintenance

A cooling tower is a device that reduces unnecessary heat from the atmosphere. Cooling of the water stream is used to lower down the temperature. It can be either used as the evaporation of water to eliminate process heat and reduce the temperature of working fluid as close as wet-bulb temperature. When it comes to dry […]

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Blog Nov / 06 / 2018

The Science behind Cooling Tower Water Treatment

Cooling tower or aptly the heat rejection systems are popular among large industrial settings. These systems aid in cooling the over-heated water that is a residue of the industrial processes. But, one should never overlook to treat the water that enters the cooling towers. Be it tower scaling, fouling, or particulates accumulation; everything is liable […]

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