Tower Tech Cooling System

Author: Jignesh Shah

Blog Aug / 28 / 2019

How To Keep Industrial Cooling Towers In Perfect Condition

Many businesses are depending on cooling towers to make their operations efficient. Cooling towers work with the mechanism to reject the heat, which is generated through industrial processes. However, it is also vital that these cooling towers are well maintained. If the cooling towers are in perfect condition, the operational efficiency can be increased, and […]

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Blog Jul / 17 / 2019

Why Your Industrial Business Needs Industrial Water Cooling Towers

You might have already heard about industrial water cooling towers. But do you know what really is it? Today, we are going to share with you what really a cooling tower is, how it works, and what are its benefits. Have you passed by an industrial plant or a factory and saw an odd-like structure […]

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Blog Jul / 08 / 2019

Here’s A Checklist For Proper Cooling Tower Maintenance

A cooling tower needs to be properly cleaned and maintained in order for it to function with maximum efficiency. But how can you be able to ensure that the cooling tower is properly maintained? Well, we have here a maintenance checklist for you. The primary purpose of a cooling tower is to lower down the […]

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Blog May / 03 / 2019

Top Reasons Why You Need To Invest in a Cooling Tower

Cooling towers have been used primarily to cool down water in huge industrial plants. But why should you really invest in cooling tower services? Below are some of the major reasons why it is a wise idea to invest in a cooling tower. Cooling towers have been used primarily to cool down water in huge […]

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Blog Apr / 08 / 2019

How Cooling Towers Affect The Environment

Cooling towers have proved as blessings for the industrial facilities and also various types of power plants across the globe. There are multiple benefits of installing cooling towers in the industrial units, but it does not mean that they are full proof as they also leave with a few effects on the environment. We know […]

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Blog Mar / 25 / 2019

What Are The Main Benefits Of Using Drift Eliminator In Cooling Towers

Cooling towers have become essential for many industries. There are various benefits of installing cooling towers, which are reduced energy consumption, reduced cost, longer lifespan, and less maintenance. Due to such advantages, many industrial units have opted for installing cooling towers in their units. The demand for proper installation of the cooling tower is increasing […]

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Blog Mar / 12 / 2019

Cooling Towers: Applications, Functionality, and Maintenance

A cooling tower is a device that reduces unnecessary heat from the atmosphere. Cooling of the water stream is used to lower down the temperature. It can be either used as the evaporation of water to eliminate process heat and reduce the temperature of working fluid as close as wet-bulb temperature. When it comes to dry […]

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Cooling Tower Feb / 18 / 2019

A complete guide to know about cooling towers

If you believe that cooling towers which are cylindrical and broad at the base are established only in nuclear plants, then it is not entirely true. Along with nuclear plants, it is used in many industries. Just like the name indicates, cooling tower work to keep the system cool. Overheating can put the entire functions of […]

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Blog Feb / 14 / 2019

How to find a reliable cooling tower manufacturer?

If you are here to gain some knowledge about the different types of the industrial cooling tower then let’s start from the basic. The first thing that you should learn is what is cooling tower what it is used for. If we put it in simple words then the cooling towers bring out the heat from […]

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Blog Jan / 16 / 2019

The Science Behind Evaporative Cooling Tower and Its Benefits

The evaporative cooling tower is by far the most environmentally friendly and cost-effective among the different types of cooling towers. It features a perfect combination of convenience, style, and functionality, making them popular not only in industrial structures but also in residential buildings.  Learn more about it and its benefits here. Industrial machines and processes […]

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